What We Do

Our production is an intimate show of a cappella singing. We like to entertain with a wide variety of popular songs from the 1960’s to the present day. We sing funny songs and serious songs and serious songs with funny bits in them.

Audiences seem to be fascinated by our particular brand of live music precisely because it is performed without any instruments. They are so used to background muzak, karaoke machines and the ubiquitous guitar that they are simply unable to believe that unaccompanied voices can produce anything worthwhile. But they can and we do!

Listeners of all ages sit with rapt attention (sometimes open-mouthed) while we go through our paces.
Between songs we indulge in some witty banter, establish a rapport with the audience, and provide utterly fascinating insights into the provenance of our repertoire, the subject matter of the songs and facts about the original artists. We also talk about ourselves, how we put a song together and the pitfalls of performing a cappella.

Audiences leave our gigs uplifted having heard many songs that they already know (but in a different context), inspired by some they have never come across, entertained by our unique style, disappointed that the show is over, but above all amazed that just three voices can fill an hour with such musical delights.