Who Are We

3p Suite is an a cappella male voice trio from Basingstoke. We are three friends who have been singing together since 2010. Andrew is our tenor, Colin sings baritone and Martin supplies the bass. To suggest that we are middle aged is being unnecessarily kind to Martin.

Each of our voices has a different quality which makes it easy to pick out an individual vocal line. And yet we have been complimented by music festival adjudicators on how well our voices blend. It is a mystery to us how both things can be true, but they do seem to be.

We started off at local open mic venues and from there branched out into pub gigs, parties, weddings, country shows and festivals. We do a lot of work in aid of locally run charities and are always keen to sing whatever the occasion – even busking in Winchester.

Our choice of repertoire is democratic in that we all have a veto. We each have to agree that a song is worth performing due to the considerable effort expended on learning it in the first place.

Each member of the group brings special talents to the ensemble. Andrew is our internet guru and looks after all things web related. Colin is our technical genius and loves nothing more than tweaking the mixing desk. Martin provides the three-part musical arrangements.

A cappella singing is a real team sport. We encourage each other when some passage of the arrangement is causing difficulty, we forgive each other when we make mistakes, we share a great sense of humour, and above all we just love to sing.